Flood (single)

by Marie Dior



for Manuel


released October 22, 2012

single from the forthcoming release "Encore, Again, Encore", available 11/23/2012, available on CD, iTunes, Spotify etc.

"This is the prelude to the moment I have been waiting for ever since I wrote the first of the eight songs for this album. I worked as hard as I could, I sorted out everything I had to sort out, emotionally, intellectually, to create each one of them.
No rave.
No trap.
This is the musical turning point for Marie Dior, and the conceptual turning point for me as an artist, even outside of this context.
This song is called Flood." - Marie Dior

Music written, performed and produced by Diogo Correia.
Mixed and mastered by Pedro Guedes.



all rights reserved


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